Green Thoughts Exhibition. Burton Gallery Bideford


Figure 1. Howard Hodgkin For  Alan 1 – V11 (2014)

Went to this exhibition on the way to Cornwall to see my son and daughter-in-law. I found it fascinating. I have no idea about the techniques Hodgkin employs. Must look up “carbonarum”.

I loved the impressions in the paper from the printing and the layers of paint which allowed colours to show through. The is a sensitivity and delicacy about the use of paint, even when the strokes are big and free. The colours are beauitful.

I also bought a copy of the 2014 Jerwood Drawing Prize catalogue and will try to get to the exhibition in June. Sara Dudman’s drawing Megolith 11 is very powerful. I want to see it in its original form and hopefully talk to her about it at some point.


Figure 1. Hodgkin, H. (2014) For Alan 1 – V11 Available at: [Accessed 17/02/2016]



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