Reflection on Feedback from Assignment 1

I am mostly heartened by the feedback I have received, which I feel is balanced and fair, whilst also being helpful and informative.

It highlights the positives in my work. I see no real surprises here, as I am relatively able to write coherently and have developed strong reflective approaches to most things, largely through my professional training. What I am pleased to learn, is that the way I have approached thinking about the subject of drawing and the visual arts is acceptable, as this is new territory for me. I welcome the advice about researching Odilon Redon and have already taken this on board (see another blog post).

I am pleased to receive advice about developing a more versatile and lively sketchbook. I have no experience of recording my work in this manner and I will try to follow the advice with further research and exploration, starting with my niece who has just completed Art A Level, and Sonia Delauny. I am rather intimidated by the idea of setting out a sketchbook as those I have seen have an artistic flair that I feel I do not have.

It is hardly a surprise that I find I have a lot to learn about this whole subject, and particularly the practical processes aqnd techniques, as well as developing a more “artistic eye”, yet I expect to be good at it. This is probably because I prefer, and have a tendancy to work to my strengths and now I am trying to overcome what I have always considered to be a weakness.

It is very clear that I need to do a lot more drawing, and to find a way to feel less stiff and freer and to be more willing to make mistakes and experiment. In addition, I must tackle the more technical aspects, such as perspective. I have shied away from this as it seems “dry”, but I do understand that it is an essential concept and skill. If I do not make some progress with it, I will surely live to regret it!

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