Part 2 Project 6 Exercise 3 Tonal study

Initially I misunderstood the whole build-up to this exercise. It was not until I looked at the blog of anothet student that I realised my mistakes.

To start with, I wasn’t clear whether this study was supposed to be in monochrome, so I opted to use hard pastels. The result is not much good even though it took me ages. The pastels haven’t covered the paper very well. I think the perspective in this drawing is improved, however.

Exercise 3 Tonal study in colour

Then, on reflection, after some time, I went back to the exercise, and made a monochrome drawing of the interior view from Exercise 2.

I think it gives a fair impression of depth and tone and I was helped by the lead-in exercises.

Tonal drawing of interior using Conte crayon.

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