Contempory artists and animals

Contempory artists depicting animals.

Henry Moore’s Sheep Series.

Beautiful drawings of sheep, usually etchings. sketched from his window.

Strong use of cross-hatching and short line to convey the density of the wool and shape of the animals.

David Jones Drawing of a Pig

Simple use of line in these studies, with shading or watercolour to add depth.

David Hockney

Dog Days. A cute series of studies of datschunds, in oil, using bright colours and simple compositions

William Barnet

1911-2012. American Artist, known for his drawings and paintings of the human figure and animals. Stylised, cartoon-like frequent motif of cats and crows with women. Simplified form of realism and poetic symbolism. Ken Johnson November 13 2012 in New York Times [online] (accessed 14/09/15).

Tracey Emin

Drawings of birds. Deceptively difficult to reproduce. Look so simple and “rough”, but with masses of character.

Series of drawings including “Badger” in RA Summer Exhibition 2015

Owl Tracey Emin 2015
Baby Rabbit and Squirrel Tracey Emin 2015
Hare Tracey Emin 2015
Squirrel Tracey Emin 2015

Gillian Jagger

Sculptor and painter born 1930. Lives in New York City.
Works with huge pieces of wood, trees, that can look like animals hanging.
She hates all animal cruelty and is anti Damien Hirst for his slaughter of animals to use in his art. She uses dead animals and mummified animals in sculptural pieces.
Drawings of Hanging Deer an animal killed on road, drawn first and then again when decomposing.
Magdalenian sculptures at Cap Blanc inspiration for her show And Then, And Now: New Work From The Cave. John Davis Gallery in Hudson.oct 12 – Nov 3 2013
Enormous drawings of animals in same colour yellow that had been used at the shelter in Cap Blanc where she stayed whilst drawing.
Ref: Claire Lambe Roll magazine.

Eugene Martin
Imaginative and complex mixed media collages and often gently humorous drawings and paintings that may incorporate whimsical allusions to animals and structural imagery among aread of geometric, biomorphic or lyrical abstraction.

David Remfry

Bluewolf: Graphite drawing of a wolf slinking away. Oscar: Etching of a daschund. Both in RA Summer Exhibition 2015.

Bluewolf David Remfry 2015

Meg Buick

Lithograph entitled Dog A drawing of a poor-looking stray animal. Contrasts with Remfry’s Oscar, but is similar in its emotional tone to his Bluewolf.

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