Jerwood Exhibition at Burton Gallery, Bideford.

This was a fascinating exhibition. 50 drawings selected from 3234 drawings. A big range of approaches and ideas.

I liked Heap 2013 by Hugh Gillan for its atmospheric representation of a foggy partially demolished building. He used layers of charcoal on gesso, and sandpapered and erased the charcoal and built it up again.


Figure 1. Hugh Gillan. Heap. 2013

I found some of the work obscure and reacted negatively to some of the captions in the catalogue which employed strings of abstract nouns and conveyed little meaning.

Another exhibit that caught me was Quest 2014 by Uta Feinstein. Again, charcoal, with pastel and chalk.


Figure 2. Uta Feinstein. Quest

It’s helpful for me at this early stage in my foray into drawing, to see what media has been used to create an effect. I find quite consistently, that I like charcoal and pastel rather than detailed painstaking carbon/pencil.

I really like Moment 2014 by Tricia Gillman. This is marks made on an old cardboard box with charcoal, and oil pastel.


Figure 3. Tricia Gillman. Moment 2014

It was exciting to see Megolith, by Sara Dudman, as I know her and have been to several workshops she runs to teach painting in acrylics.

Jerwood S.D

Figure 4. Dudman, S. (2014) Megolith

As I progress through the course I expect to refer to my responses to the works in this exhibition.


Figure 1. Gillan, H. (2013) Heap [Charcoal on gesso] Available at: [Accessed 23 February 2016]

Figure 2. Feinstein, U. (2014) Quest [Charcoal] Avaiable at: [Accessed 23 February 2016]

Figure 3. Gillman, T. (2014) Moment Avaiable at: [Accessed 23 February 2016]

Figure 4. Dudman, S. (2014) Megolith Avaiable at: [Accessed 23 February 2016]

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